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Groundwork Capital is a strategic investment firm that utilizes a fundamental research-driven approach to systematically invest in the blockchain ecosystem. It has become an unequivocal fact that blockchain technology can’t be stopped.Following extensive research, we make an early, implicit investment in what could possibly be the next generation of world-changing technologies. Our most valued traits are investing in passionate entrepreneurs and the emerging technologies they are creating.


There is so much more to Groundwork Capital than what you might expect from a typical venture capital firm.Our role as an investment firm extends beyond simply cutting you a check and getting on with our business as soon as possible.We at Groundwork Capital are dedicated to being able to have much closer relationships with the entrepreneurs with whom we invest; from executive advisory roles to networking events and multi-round seed funding, helping innovators is what we do as an organization.In particular, we are looking for teams that can make a meaningful contribution to NFTs and DeFi applications in the Blockchain ecosystem.Read more.


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Groundwork Capital is a strategic investment firm